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List of Best Adult Books for Young Genaretion

Young adult novels are basically written for the teenagers. Though this book can be read by adults or any ages. Youngsters are the budding youth and they should read and learn whatever they feel to know for their betterment in life. This is the age of exploring different genres. Reading different kinds of books will increase knowledge on different aspects. This is the time to explore fiction , romance, mystery,detective,science fiction books. Here we are recommending some young adult novels that you'll really admire.

1) Fan Girl: 

Fan Girl is a young adult novel written by famous American author Rainbow Rodwell. Fan Girl is basically a romantic Fiction novel with a real college life experience. The book is about a girl who will find another girl as her companion and feels blessed to have a twin sister. But they got separated and thus the story runs through some exciting as well as some sensitive issues like relationship, friendship. It is a kind of book is good companion in periods of loneliness. Read this novel to enjoy the brilliant character development of the plot.
Fan Girl
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2) The Hate U Give:

The Hate U Give is also a young adult novel by famous American young adult novel author Angie Thomas. The Hate U Give is basically an urban fiction novel which shows the trauma , excitement and the sadness of the black community. The book shows us the struggles of being black and also gives us insight of the world full of ignorance and Insensibility. The author portrays the protagonist "Starr" in such a way that she can able to show her struggles of being herself or being black. It is a must read book for everyone.
The Hate U Give:
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3) The Astonishing color of after:

The Astonishing color of after is A New York Times bestseller book written by Emily X.R.Pan. It is basically a paranormal fiction. The book is filled with emotion and love. The author wonderfully portrays everything happening in the story through the magical power of colour. The book deals with a lot of emotion with a rainbow of explanation. Hope you will love the book.
The Astonishing color of after
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4) Start Where You are:

"Start Where You are" is a journal created to help readers foster their self motivation and creativity. It is basically knowing our own self, the dreams we see and the way of achieving our dreams. It helps readers to find the right way to deal with the world. This is actually a questionnaire paired with open ended questions, with plenty of space for writing. This book presents inspirational quotes.
Start Where You are
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5) The Book Thief:

The Book Thief is a historical fiction novel written by Markus Zusak. This book is basically a young adult fiction. This is really a devastatingly powerful novel where death itself is the narrator of the story. The story revolves around the character name "Liesel Meminger", who is the protagonist of the novel. The story tells us about World War II in Germany. There is a mixed feeling of sadness and happy moments in the story. Everyone should read the novel to feel the thrill.
The Book Thief
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6) I am not your perfect Mexican Daughter:

I am not your perfect Mexican Daughter is a National Book Award finalist and also New York Times Bestseller novel. This book is a young adult fiction written by Erika Sánchez. The protagonist Julia narrates her story throughout the novel. Everyone should read this book to feel that mysterious element of the book.
I am not your perfect Mexican Daughter
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These young adult novels will help to create an insight on different aspects. These authors are best known for their young adult novel writing. Hope you'll love these books. Don't forget to leave a comment down bellow. Thank you.
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