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Best Science Fiction novels to Read in 2020:

Science Fiction novels are the current obsession of many readers out there who love modern experiments, science, and technology, time travel, parallel universes, etc. Here we are presenting some of the most interesting science fiction novels for you all.🤩📚👇

1) The Return of Vaman: A Science-fiction Novel:

This collection of science fiction writings by Jayant V. Narlikar offers readers a unique glimpse into the world-famous Indian astrophysicist’s vivid and highly imaginative concepts and stories. Jayant Vishnu Narlikar is an Indian astrophysicist and emeritus professor at the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics. He developed with Sir Fred Hoyle the conformal gravity theory, known as Hoyle–Narlikar theory.
the book provides readers with extensive insights into the genesis and scientific background of the fictional material presented in this volume, along with an autobiographical account of the author’s life-long interest in science fiction and his contributions to the genre.

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2) After Annihilation: Would You Want To Survive? by Gauri Mittal:

If you want some adventure, action, romance, story, and drama altogether in a book, then this is the book for you. This Gauri Mittal's story based on the 2034 frictional nuclear war and its post-apocalyptic plot. Where the main character named Madhavi and other 4 graduate students faces a huge nuclear war and lost everything. This science fiction is about how they survive and rescue others with a love triangle that makes the story very interesting . This book has a simple language so doesn't require much effort to read it out. If you are a beginner this is the book for you!!

Although the story editing may be better though it will give us pleasure while reading along with satisfying ending in peace note.

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3) The Time Machine:

The Time Machine is a science fiction novella by H. G. Wells, published in 1895 and written as a frame narrative. The work is generally credited with the popularization of the concept of time travel by using a vehicle or device to travel purposely and selectively forward or backward through time. It comprises the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Time Travel Fiction, Scientific romance and Dystopian Fiction. Quite ahead of its time in special effect. The narrator feels differently, but the overwhelming message of the book can be construed as a warning against hubris and faith in progress. One important theme is that of class conflict. This novel is written as a frame narrative. The work is generally credited with the popularization of the concept of time travel by using a vehicle or device to travel purposely and selectively forward or backward through time.
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4) A brief history of time by Stephen Hawkings:

Worldwide bestselling book A brief history of time was written by greatest physicist of our generation Stephen Hawkings. This is a fundamental book that will give you the basic answers of our life like the existence of life. This book aims to address the questions even most of our generation ask: ''What are we doing here, where did we come from, and where are we going?'' 
This book is divided into 10 chapters and each chapter will provide us with a complex theory of life in a simplistic way that everyone will able to understand. 
The chaperone topics are:

The basic history of physics
Einstein's theory of relativity
Doppler shift
●Uncertainty principle
●Quark, the smallest known bits in the universe
●Chandrasekhar's limit
●Big bang singularity event 
●Thermodynamic time, psychological time, and cosmological time.
●And the last chapter will dis about time travelling!!

This book has sold over 15 million copies and was on the London Sunday Times bestseller list several times. Although this is not friction though this is the most recommended book about advance science in simple language.

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Science Fiction novels always give you a vision of many unknown things and facts. And if you are curious about time travel, experiments, science, parallel universes you should pick these Science Fiction books.
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